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AMD RX 5600 XT – Crypto Mining Performance ⛏ Summary

Reddit Post, Mining Performance Data for RX 5600 XT:

AMD RX 5600 XT Mining Performance from gpumining

Testing out the new AMD RX 5600 XT and its cryptocurrency mining performance. One of AMD’s latest mid-range GPUs, that recently launched. While there are some who have posted performance, I would like to validate their numbers and talk about the latest launch by AMD.

Sapphire Pulse RX 5600 XT: https://www.sapphiretech.com/en/consu…

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More Power Tool from Igor:

2nd Gen 7nm GPU
RDNA Architecture

Boost Clock: Up to 1750 MHz
Game Clock: Up to 1615 MHz

Game Clock is the expected GPU clock when running typical gaming applications, set to typical TGP(Total Graphics Power). Actual individual game clock results may vary.

Stream Processors – 2304

Memory Size/Bus – 6GB/192 bit GDDR6
Memory Clock – 14 Gbps Effective

Power Consumption – 160W


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