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Brian Armstrong & Cryptocurrency | Siraj Raval Podcast #2

On the second episode of my educational podcast, I interview the CEO of the largest cryptocurrency company in the world, Brian Armstrong. I knew Brian years ago when Coinbase was a relatively humble startup and it’s been mind blowing to see how far they’ve come in such a short period of time, managing the equivalent of billions of dollars in wealth in cryptocurrency. I admire Brian because he wakes up everyday determined to solve the ‘meta-problem’ of financial freedom using cryptocurrency, which he believes can indirectly alleviate poverty, increase entrepreneurship, and help reduce corruption in governments around the world. The President of the USA tweeted about Bitcoin and Facebook released it’s “Libra” cryptocurrency, so it’s an extremely exciting time in the space. I also ask him about his most ambitious ideas regarding the future of payments, and was pleasantly shocked by his answers. Enjoy!

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0:35 Intro
2:00 What is Bitcoin?
2:55 Trump tweeted about Bitcoin
5:38 Love/Hate relationship with Twitter
7:50 Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency
14:14 Mobile Money Transfer Systems
18:18 Universal Basic Income
19:35 Cryptonetworks
24:00 Coinbase Custody
26:25 Being calm under stress
29:43 Having an Executive Coach
30:50 Brutal Honesty
33:11 Decentralized Compute, Storage, Bandwidth
35:15 Machine Learning at Coinbase
37:55 AI Apocalypse
42:58 Decentralized Social Networks
44:00 Helping Entrepreneurs
46:35 China
50:15 Getting rejected from MIT
51:10 Favorite Book
51:38 The Singularity

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