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Buying Crypto Mining PARTS Now? June 2020

Crypto Mining Parts List:
Motherboard/CPU/Ram Combo – https://nerdgearz.com/collections/crypto-mining-hardware/products/mining-rig-starter-kit-tb85-motherboard-cpu-and-ram
Another Motherboard/CPU/Ram Combo – https://nerdgearz.com/collections/crypto-mining-hardware/products/mining-rig-starter-kit-h81-motherboard-cpu-and-ram-grade-b
GPU I Recommend If Buying New – https://geni.us/dKOnDR
Or This GPU For Mining If New – https://geni.us/ZGdM
Used GPUs – https://nerdgearz.com/collections/graphic-cards or check local classifieds ie. Craigslist/Ebay etc… find cheap rx 470 8gbs or other 8gb cards for good price
Power Supplies – https://geni.us/38WGn or again through Used Markets/Classifieds
PCIE Mining Risers – https://geni.us/7icAsS
Crypto Mining Frames – https://geni.us/S2QJ or use a shoe rack/shelf/milk crate/homedepot anything that gets the job done!
24pin PSU Adapter (May need this to combine 2 ATX PSUs) – https://geni.us/bOV6uy

Generally I would find on the used market right now rather than buying everything new…

Join Red Panda Mining’s Discord Channel! – https://discord.gg/cJwmK7B

Red Panda Mining NEW Merch! USA – https://www.amazon.com/shop/RedPandaMining
Europe – https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?rh=n%3A83450031%2Cp_4%3ARed+Panda+Mining&ref=bl_sl_s_ap_web_83450031
Germany – https://www.amazon.de/s?rh=n%3A77028031%2Cp_4%3ARed+Panda+Mining&ref=bl_sl_s_ap_web_77028031

Send Your Mining Rig Pics in Discord to be featured in upcoming Community Mining Rigs Episodes/Live Streams!

Buy GPU’s Here? – https://geni.us/46Bo1

Favorite GPU For Mining: https://geni.us/MaOtD
Best/Safest/Reliable Risers: https://geni.us/IYALlmg
Best Motherboard for Mining IMO: https://geni.us/Z9JE4v
Recommended CPU Needed: https://geni.us/c49vFP
Safest RAM Needed 4-8GB: https://geni.us/dwOB
Favorite PSU for Mining: https://geni.us/SqWl

My Favorite Book – “The Bitcoin Standard”: https://geni.us/NH5spNd

Email – Contact@RedPandaMining.com

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Disclaimer – This is not financial advice and do your own research. Everything said is from my point of view and for entertainment purposes.

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