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Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange – The Volentix Project

Volentix is an ecosystem of DApps which are built to enhance the use of cryptocurrency. Each is built to make the other better and for this reason Volentix is referred to as an ecosystem. The common unifying element which glues this decentralized/permissionless ecosystem together is the VTX token. Volentix is a permission-less ecosystem, in that any system which favours VTX can be considered part of the Volentix project.

Currently there are the following in the Volentix ecosystem.

VDEX – A decentralized exchange. Allows users to trade cryptocurrency without a central actor having control of a users assets or private information.

Vespucci – An analytical engine who’s role in the ecosystem is to provide rankings and ratings of different cryptocurrency projects which can better help inform users and also act as a gatekeeper or transparent standard by which cryptocurrencies can be judged/restricted inside the Volentix ecosystem

Verto – Verto is the native multi currency wallet which allows users to check their balances, maintain their keys and assets and interact with the rest of The Volentix Project.

Venue – This is a dynamic community platform which aids in the distribution of VTX tokens by engaging the public with community building campaings, posting bounties available for claim and being able to submit and review proposals to the DAO.

For more information about The Volentix Project, please join us:

t.me/volentix – Telegram
www.volentix.io – Website
venue.volentix.io – Bounty Platform
www.Valoro.io – Volentix News Platform


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