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Dow Futures Runs 8-Day Streak But Analysts Fear an ‘Everything Crash’

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures surge on Tuesday, pointing to 8th-straight day of gain.
  • MBMG Group founder says the market faces an “everything crash” after incredible rally.
  • Traders remain optimistic as Congress signals a return to stimulus talks.

It’s been an impressive run for U.S. stocks. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) looks set for its 8th consecutive green day, with Dow futures up 292 points this morning.

As always, after every winning streak, the bears come out of the woodwork. Today is no different. This morning, Paul Gambles at MBMG Group warned that a major correction is coming across all assets.

Having seen an ‘everything rally’, the corollary to that could be an everything crash, and that’s what really worries us.

Video: an ‘everything crash’ is coming, says analyst

He said advisors should move to cash and wait on the sidelines for a better opportunity.

Dow futures rocket higher

Wall Street is firmly in risk-on mode this morning. Dow futures were up 292 points (1.05%) while gold and the dollar slumped.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures soared overnight. Source: Yahoo Finance

S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures were up 0.7% each.

The ‘everything bubble’ could burst… again

Since the March selloff, we’ve seen an epic recovery in a wide range of assets. Stocks, gold, silver, even bitcoin has rallied in recent months. Gambles said this “everything bubble” makes it impossible to find good value.

The problem is we’ve now had a really crazy ‘everything rally’ and there isn’t anywhere to go any more that looks like decent value. You can’t find anything.

At all-time highs, he thinks gold is vulnerable to any hint of good news. And if the Federal Reserve starts tightening monetary policy again, both gold and stocks will unwind, he said. If rates tick higher:

That punctures the gold bubble. That also punctures the equity bubble.

The stock market bull case

While Gambles is bearish on stocks, one analyst sees a “once-in-a-decade opportunity.” Jun Bei Liu, portfolio manager at Tribeca Investment Partners told Bloomberg there is “so many things to be positive on equities about.”

Equity has never looked cheaper compared to the fixed income and the like. If you want any income or even any growth, you have to go to equities.

Video: Once in a decade opportunities in stocks

Although tech stocks have led the run-up, she sees plenty of opportunity in virus-hit sectors. These stocks are trading at “some of the cheapest valuations,” she said. It’s a once-in-a-decade opportunity to load up on strong companies for the future.

Dow Jones spotlight today

The Dow is also enjoying a boost after President Trump said he’s considering a capital gains tax cut.

All eyes are on Congress today. Investors hope to see Republicans and Democrats come back to the negotiating table to hammer out a second relief package. Both sides criticised Donald Trump’s executive orders and seemed willing to resume talks.

Elsewhere, tensions with China remain high. Steven Mnuchin said on Monday that some Chinese companies could be delisted from U.S. exchanges if they don’t stick to U.S. accounting rules. China doubled down on its support for domestic semiconductor production.

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