home Videos How to Benchmark ProgPoW in 2020 | Cryptocurrency GPU Mining | Ethereum | Zcoin | Ravencoin

How to Benchmark ProgPoW in 2020 | Cryptocurrency GPU Mining | Ethereum | Zcoin | Ravencoin

Lets learn how to Benchmark ProgPow in 2020. A number of coins are considering utilizing this algo over the coming months, let’s help them out. Lets test our hardware to see how it stacks up and lets show our support for ProgPow by submitting data back to the community! Hang on, here we go!

ProgPow Ethminer 0.9.3: https://github.com/greerso/ethminer-progpow
DAG File Size: https://investoon.com/tools/dag_size

Instructions to Test Your hardware in 2020 on ProgPow:
1) Download the ProgPow Ethminer 0.9.3 release from the link above.
    – Note From Github –  To benchmark ProgPoW ‘ethminer -M 7169430 -A progpow –diff 5 –HWMON 2’
– Be aware 7169430 is the block height you’re benchmarking against. You can choose any block, but because of the nature of ProgPoW, you should only compare same block between different hardware types.
– Add Antivirus Exceptions if needed for testing (always do this at your own risk / DYOR on all miners)
– Get your Idle wattage from the wall with no other applications running
– Set your Overclock Settings
2) Run ‘ethminer -M 7169430 -A progpow –diff 5 –HWMON 2’
    – We are using this blockheight to standardize testing across hardware types.
    – If running muiltiple tests, I recommend creating a .bat file for each block height you want to test
    – Note that there is NO POOL needed for this testing
    – +/- ~10% difference was observed in previous testing when NOT using the same block height.
– To test above 4Gb DAG size, I recommend using blockheight 11,600,000
3) Record your Results (please use wattage from the wall): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd4tGpYzs1zaFlXhaxGDakv_O0X2kw6yxKnt24ijPENvx8qZQ/viewform
    – If a new location to store data is provided, we will update this link
– View Results from the Community: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZyBRck67JBRUq16t3otpTMvH5XRRYOcbMCFVIxndePY/edit#gid=1936320822

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