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Popular Bitcoin youtuber Emre in turkey on BTC altcoins and cryptocurrency.

http://youtube.com/kriptoemre | http://twitter.com/kriptoemre
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Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P0ZDaBQx4ghkdX5IUwZb1n8ThvYf7i22MSt9Gm00JRU

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00:00 Introduction
00:49 Emre’s Intro to Bitcoin
01:38 The IOTA Critique
03:05 Richard’s Summary of Thoughts on Bitcoin
05:42 Haters: HEX / Elon Musk / Free Stuff

10:30 Caution Trading
12:43 Messed Up Technical Analysis (CA)
14:31 Tone Vays (Debate Coming Out Soon)
15:08 Trading As a Profession
16:03 Buy The News / Sell the Reality (Futures)
18:04 Bitcoin Adoption /Crypto Marketing Budgets
19:30 China Bullishness / Bannings

20:47 Chat Snowflakes From Stephan Debate
23:13 Bitcoin Owners By the Numbers
24:46 Freemium Crypto
25:29 Crypto Zealotry (Stephan / Craig Wright / Crypto Fanboys)
29:15 Finishing HEX / Changing Industries
31:41 Alt Season
34:19 IQ
36:08 Chat Snowflakes / Haters
39:34 New Altcoins + Ponzis better than Old Altcoins
40:36 ChainLink Bearishness

44:28 Ethereum Bullishness
48:06 Value Chain / Substrates and Endpoints / Ethereum
51:52 Ethereum Dominance (VS Competitors)
56:22 Cutting Out Vices (Gambling / Soda / Alcohol / Coffee / Video Games)

00:59:28 HEX: Time Deposits On A Blockchain
01:01:19 Pumpamentals
01:01:50 Stakers Get Inflation
01:02:59 Bonuses / Referrals / Importance of Getting In Early
01:05:11 Knowing Future Market Supply
01:06:31 Audits
01:06:42 Programmed to Pump
01:07:34 Claiming / Minting Your Own Coins
01:09:48 Penalties
01:12:43 Supply
01:14:13 Modeling Profitability
01:14:59 Adoption Amplifier
01:17:35 Where AA ETH Goes (Howey Test)
01:19:33 Referrals and Tutorials

01:22:37 Translating Video to Turkish
01:23:50 Emre’s Shills
01:24:31 Richard’s Shills
01:25:27 Merch and Shipping


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