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Simpleco.in – Crypto mining made simple!

You can sign up for an account here: https://simpleco.in

Simpleco.in features a clean UI, a simple, yet fast, desktop and web miner, and payouts every 6 hours. Simpleco.in is unique as it allow you to save your mined hashes and cash them out for any of their supported currencies, this includes pos coins that are no longer mineable. This eliminates the drag of switching pools to mine different coins or having to switch miners. With Simpleco.in it’s easy to diversify your holdings without spending excess time doing it. The community is more than happy to answer any questions and help people get setup, even if you have no mining/crypto experience.

Simpleco.in is ripe with possibility and has more features just around the corner such as: daily/weekly quests, additional currencies, and achievements. Try it out, mine crypto the simple way.

And you can join their Discord or Telegram through their website.

Bring your friends, the website has a unique three layer referral system allowing you to earn extra hashes 😉


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